Kris Gaudet Ins & Financial Services, Inc. Your Conservative Investment Strategist
Kris Gaudet Ins & Financial Services, Inc.Your Conservative Investment Strategist

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Kris Gaudet, Owner and Broker, started in the financial services business in 1999. In that time, Kris has served clients in all areas of business and personal insurance as well as retirement and non-retirement plans. With the most recent changes in the personal/individual health insurance market, we are focusing our energy in the conservative investment portfolios. Our approach to conservative stategies is serves those who are approaching retirement or may already be retired. We take the time to evaluate your current portfolio and match that up with your risk tolerance. This process takes place by conducting an interview with you to gather your thoughts and position on investing and risk. We don't believe in a "One size fits all" investment strategy, but rather each person in a unique individual and deserves a unique strategy for their precious nest egg. We take great pride in making sure you are where you need to be.

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